Tuesday is Soap Day (or at least the 1st day)

A number of people seem to be interested in what a soapmaker does.  So to answer that I am going to be chronicling my typical week for soapmaking.  Usually Tuesdays is when I melt the oils and the lye solution ready for any soap that we will make that week.  The soapmaking consumes a good part of Tuesday and Wednesday and some of Thursday.  Fridays and Mondays I try to spend on paperwork and computerwork –  bookkeeping, website updates, blog updates, email catchup, etc.  The things that all businesses have to do in some measure or other.

On Monday or even the previous week I should have already decided what specific soaps I am going to make because I need to be sure that I have all of my materials on hand:  oils, lye, essential oils, botanicals, etc.  I also need to have decided whether I am making a full block (180 bars) or a 1/2 block (90) bars of each particular soap.  This is a judgement call based on our current inventory, outstanding orders and general rate of sales for that particular scent.  Unfortunately, my crystal ball never works very well and sometimes I guess wrong.  We run short or have too much stock on hand for longer than we should.

So now on Monday evening – I know that tomorrow I am making a 1/2 block of lemongrass soap and a full block of lavender oatmeal.  We have everything we need for in the morning.  I am going to bed and will plan on a full day tomorrow.

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