Your Best Scent is Citrus

Refreshing – Positive – Energetic

Ultimate People Person
 Upbeat and positive, yet energetic and refreshing to be around. You love making people feel good.

Confident & Responsible
You believe in yourself that anything is possible. This attitude can be catching and is very motivating to others. Your gift is positive thinking!

Embrace Life
You are adaptable and welcome connections with others and life itself.

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Citrus is Your Best Scent

You’re a real people person, friend! Nothing thrills you more than telling your latest story to an intrigued listener. You inspire them with your hilarious insights and spot-on timing – basically, you could make a phonebook sound like a blockbuster screenplay.

You are refreshing and positive to be around. Upbeat and happy, you make people feel better simply by being you. You like to sing and joke and to connect with people. You may enjoy a career in the performing arts or as a manager since there too you are interacting with people.

But here’s the thing, sometimes you might get a little caught up socializing and lose touch with your authentic self, with your deepest thoughts and feelings.

That’s where essential oils can make a difference!

Scents like lemon, orange and grapefruit can help you gain some clarity and a fresh outlook, so you feel confidant enough to take a step back, a deep breath, and just be who you truly are. They can also help you with that headache you’ve got from a little too much party last night.

Aromatherapy Tip: Citrus is awesome for recharging your batteries. Try our Grapefruit Sugar Scrub for a truly pampering experience!

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