4 Best New Year’s Resolutions

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1. Balance
-in product mix
-in efforts between production, marketing and admin & management
-between life and business

2. Embrace
-social media and technology
-my talents
-the positives I find in life and people

3. Synergize
-my efforts in marketing for a greater ripple effect
-opportunities within my current scope – get out of the “grass is greener on the other side of the fence” mentality.
-utilize technology and more to get and stay organized

4. Travail
-plan my work and work my plan
-don’t forget work can be fun
-leverage my efforts so they are more efficient

1 (B) + 2 (E) +3 (S) + 4 (T) = BEST

I’m trying to begin as I mean to on – the photo in this post was taken with my phone and then put into this post using Poster (an app on my Palm Pre).  Also used Poster to complete my post at market.

I tweeted about my presence at market listing promotions and including photos.  I also logged into Four Square.

I know nothing happens overnight but my goal is to maximize my small business on a budget and have fun along the way. I think my 4 BEST Resolutions are a good road map to that goal.

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