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First I attended the HSCG convention a few weeks ago. I knew I wanted to learn more about improving our online presence so I attended just about every seminar they offered on anything to do with that topic. There were some great presentations and I learned something from all of them.

Then I decided that I definitely needed to make a major change with our website and it needed to be done soon. If it wasn’t going to be done now then we would be into the State Fair and after that Christmas and next year the FWSSR and by then almost another year has gone by.

So here we are and now it is launch time. I am sure that there will be some glitches but hopefully, the overall experience will be better for you. Some of the things that I wanted to achieve were:

  • Faster page load times. Overall I believe the site is loading faster, but probably still more tweaking needs to be done.
  • Have a homepage with smaller graphics you can see more quickly what’s important.
  • Ability to provide product reviews so you can both read and voice opinions of our products.
  • The ability to update my site more quickly and easily.

What To Do Now . . .

Hopefully, we will be achieving all of those goals and more with this revamp. I think we have already made some great strides but as mentioned earlier, there will probably be some glitches. If you encounter any problems please don’t hesitate to get in touch by email at [email protected] or by phone at 972-452-8965.

Product Page showing link you can click on to leave a review.
Site Review Box at the bottom of our website pages.

As mentioned earlier we now offer the ability for you to leave reviews both of our website and on specific products. I would love for you to do so! In fact, if you do leave a product review you should automatically receive an email with a discount code for 20% off your next purchase on our website. If you leave a site review in the form on the bottom right of the pages on our site you will still get a coupon for 20% but I will have to send it manually so it may take a few days.

NOTE: You don’t have to make a purchase to leave a review and get the coupon on either a product or on the overall site. If more than a week goes by after leaving your review in either place and you have NOT received your coupon code please let me know!

Our website url is still the same — I hope you stop by and take a look and leave a review. I have put a lot of work into it but there is still a lot more I hope to do.

Till the next post,


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