New Natural Liquid Soap – An Alternative to AntiBacterial Soap.

It can be tough to find a non antibacterial soap out there. In fact that’s precisely why one of our customers was begging us to make a liquid soap. She knew our soap would not only be non antibacterial but all natural as well. As hers was not the only the request we had received for this product and I was interested in learning the process as well we decided to take the plunge.

De-stress with “Two Birds for Watching”


Here is a 2nd bird watching video. This time with two birds at the bird bath. Take just a minute and decompress. Hope you enjoy it.

Inspired by Julie & Julia

I just got home from watching the movie Julie & Julia earlier today. Not only did I absolutely love it but I found it really inspiring and in many ways applicable to my own life. What I found so inspiring about their stories was they took something they loved and pursued it simply for their own needs. They stuck with it even with major set backs and difficulties and discouragement. They each continued on and in their own way achieved success and recognition for doing what they loved.

Texas Soapmaker’s Conference well worth attending!

I was originally on the fence about attending the Texas Soapmaker’s Conference. I mean times are a bit tough right now, orders down, money tight. Then they asked me to be on a panel and I thought well I’ll be there anyway I should attend the entire conference. I am so glad I did. They had some wonderful speakers, fabulous food in a great hotel, new vendors I hadn’t seen and I absolutely loved the interaction and camaraderie I had with other soapmakers.

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