Essential Oil Benefits

Find out more about the benefits of essential oils that we use to create our products.  We talk about more than just the skincare benefits.

6 Best Essential Oils for the Face

The 6 Best Essential Oils for the Face & Glowing Complexion

Have you ever felt like your skin is lacking radiance? It could be that it’s time to switch up the products you are using. Many people don’t know this, but there are many essential oils that can be used on the face for glowing complexions! In this blog post, we will talk about 6 of our favorite essential oils and how they can help get your skin looking its best.

Susan of Susan's Soaps & More

How I solved my problem with eczema!

Hi. I’m Susan and I want to share how I solved my problem with eczema.

I developed eczema after the birth of my son over 27 years ago. It started as just a small patch on one leg but eventually got so bad that I was embarrased to wear dresses. The itching was so intense at times that I would scratch until I bled.

I wanted to try to make some of my own natural skincare products. I wanted to learn how to make products that helped my skin feel better

8 Uses for Rosemary Essential Oil

We are all looking for ways to improve our hair, skin and health. Maybe you want to freshen up your complexion or healthier hair? Maybe a boost in focus or to reduce stress? Take some of these tips to bring rosemary essential oil into your life! It can help with all of those things and more by improving the function of the immune system, reducing stress, ramping up your memory and brightening up your complexion and hair.

Eucalyptus Leaves

5 Eucalyptus Oil Benefits for Your Skin

Here are a few benefits of eucalyptus that you may not be aware of since it is typically thought of as being used for upper respiratory ailments such as stuffy noses and congested breathing. But eucalyptus like many essential oils has many actions that come directly from the plant it is created from. The very complexity of essential oils is what makes them impossible to chemically recreate.

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