5 Eucalyptus Oil Benefits for Skin Healing

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Eucalyptus is typically associated with respiratory benefits but eucalyptus oil benefits skin care as well. Read on for more information.

The 5 Eucalyptus Oil Benefits for Skin Care

Eucalyptus essential oil comes from the leaves.Pin
Eucalyptus Leaves

Eucalyptus oil is like a hidden gem in the world of skincare! While we often associate it with helping us breathe better during colds, its benefits for the skin are truly remarkable.

Did you know that eucalyptus oil has amazing healing properties for the skin? It can help soothe irritation, reduce inflammation, and even tackle pesky blemishes. This powerhouse essential oil is not just a one-trick pony! So, next time you reach for your skincare essentials, consider adding a touch of eucalyptus to your routine. Your skin will thank you for it!

Here are a few benefits of eucalyptus that you may not be aware of since it is typically thought of as being used for upper respiratory ailments such as stuffy noses and congested breathing. But eucalyptus like many essential oils has many actions that come directly from the plant it is created from. The very complexity of essential oils is what makes them impossible to artificially recreate.

Note: See the cautions section listed below for safe usage recommendations!

  • Minor Cuts & Wounds – analgesic, antiseptic, antiviral, febrifuge, vulnerary
  • Insect Bites and Insect Repellent – vulnerary, analgesic, natural insect repellent
  • Lice – parasiticide
  • Deoderant – deoderant

So, absolutely, eucalyptus oil is like a little skincare superhero, right? 🦸‍♀️ It’s incredible how it can work wonders on the skin – soothing irritation, fighting inflammation, and even zapping those annoying blemishes. Talk about a multitasker!

Adding some eucalyptus oil benefits for skin care routine sounds like a fantastic idea. Your skin will be singing its praises in no time! If you need more tips or fun facts about natural skincare goodies like eucalyptus oil, just give me a shout. I’m here to help make your skincare routine as enjoyable and effective as possible! ✨

How Does Eucalyptus Help?

The actual chemical makeup of eucalyptus oil causes it to have certain specific actions including:

  • Analgesic – deadens pain
  • Antiseptic – Destroys microbes
  • Antiviral – inhibits the growth of a virus
  • Deoderant – corrects, masks or removes unpleasant odors
  • Febrifuge – combats fever
  • Parasiticide – prevents and destroys parasites such as fleas, lice, etc.
  • Vulnerary – agent that helps heal wonds and sores by external application

Where does Eucalyptus Come From?

Eucalyptus Trees are grown all over the world for essential oil.Pin
Eucalyptus Trees

Eucalyptus is native to Australia, but is cutivated today in many parts of the world. There are over 700 varieties of eucalyptus trees. They have been grown on plantations in many other countries because they are fast growing and have valuable timber, or can be used for pulpwood, for honey production or essential oils. In some countries, however, they have been removed because they are highly flammable.

Eucalyptus can vary in size from shrubs to tall trees. The essential oil is derived from the leaves of the trees. As discussed above eucalyptus essential oil has many benefits but too much can be toxic. The koala bear, however is resistant to this and actually relies on the eucalyptus tree for its primary source of food and habitat.🐨 They munch on these leaves for their entire lives – talk about dedication to skincare! 😉

Cautions using Eucalytpus Essential Oil

Please be aware of the following precautions and always follow safe practices when using Eucalyptus or any essential oil.

  • Some people are allergic to eucalyptus so test in a small area.
  • Never apply eucalyptus essential oil neat to your skin. It should always be diluted in a carrier oil like almond or even olive. I recommend no more concentration than 2%.
  • Never take eucalyptus essential oil by mouth.

Products with Eucalyptus Oil for Skin Care Benefits

There are many ways to incorporate the benefits of eucalyptus into your lifestyle. As a child my mom kept a jar with eucalyptus leaves in it. We could open that jar and smell the scent to help clear our sinuses. You can also purchase the essential oil, dilute it and use it for some of the skin care issues you might have. We use eucalyptus essential oil in several of our products so that you can often get both the respiratory and skin care benefits at the same time.

Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Soap BoxedPin
Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Soap

Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Soap – One of our most exfoliating soaps with poppyseeds added in.

Sugar Scrub – Our sugar scrub is made with turbinado sugar for a nice scrubby scrub

Conditioning Shampoo – Yes, we do make a liquid shampoo with eucalyptus oil for hair

Wrapping Up the Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil

In conclusion, it’s clear that eucalyptus oil is a game-changer for skincare. Its soothing properties, anti-inflammatory effects, and ability to combat blemishes make it a hidden gem worth incorporating into your routine. Don’t miss out on the incredible benefits this natural ingredient has to offer! Upgrade your skincare arsenal and give eucalyptus oil a try today.

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