Customer Loyalty that went above & beyond!

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Pin Back on June 6th I received an email from a Mr. Colin Murphy inquiring about our shampoo bars that he used to purchase from Indigo 1745 here in the Dallas area.  He has since moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico was unable to find his favorite Susan’s Soaps shampoo bar.  He had even requested that La Montanita, the coop where he shopped stock it, but so far they had not brought it in for him.  (At that time they were not carrying any of our products.)

I answered his question regarding the shampoo bar and thought nothing of it, assuming he would place an order online.  However, the next day I received another email from Mr. Murphy inquiring as to whether or not I would be willing to send him some little soap slivers that he could take up to La Montanita and demonstrate the quality of our products, thus encouraging them to carry them in the store.  He informed me that La Montanita had four stores in New Mexico and so he thought it might be worth my time and effort.  He said that he would be happy to deliver them personally to the store while putting in a good word for us.

I told him I appreciated his initiative and promptly sent him off a packet of samples and information for him to give to the personal care buyer at La Montanita.  On June 15th, Collin reported back that he had met with the buyer for La Montanita – Central in Albuquerque and given her the packet of information.  He also informed me that he had discovered that each store did it’s own purchasing.  Collin graciously offered to contact the other stores if I wanted to send him more packets, which I did.

On June 20th Collin informed me that he had visited the other La Montanita store in Albuquerque and left the packet of information with the personal care buyer there.  Now mind you, Mr.  Murphy works full time and so has just been doing this as time permits – he cautioned me to have patience as he is by “nature, a slow moving person.”  I thought he had been doing pretty well so far.

On Saturday, June 25th, we received an order from La Montanita – Central which has since been shipped and should be on the shelves.

So congratulations, Collin and thank you for a job well done!   You did it and can now purchase Susan’s Soaps Shampoo bars locally in Albuquerque, New Mexico!  We appreciate your loyalty and your initiative and time and effort on our behalf.

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