Top 12 Happenings at Susan’s Soaps & More

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My bad.  My bad, big time!!  I know how important it is to stay in touch with you guys and write regular blog posts.  I did good, I thought, during the HSMG soap conference and then . . . well I just totally dropped the ball.  It’s not that I haven’t been busy or haven’t been working.  I have.  That was part of the problem.  The other part was I had so much swirling around in my head I just couldn’t seem to sit down and figure out what to write about.  My friend, Donna Maria, of Indie  Beauty Business would say, get over it, just write SOMETHING!  So here goes – to break my writer’s block I am going to give you a list of what has been happening with Susan’s Soaps & More and then a list of happenings to come.

What I would absolutely love from you is feedback.   Anything from which of these happenings past or future is your favorite,  to what topics to cover to how often you would like to see blog posts, newsletters or even facebook entries to where you best like to keep up with what’s going in Susan’s Soaps land.  Input is good – it helps give me direction and keeps me focused on what you want and need from me.  . . . so on to the lists.

So here’s a list of 6 happenings at Susan’s Soaps & More:

  1. Immediately upon returning from the HSMG soap conference we had a number of orders to get out including 30 gift baskets for Medical City Hospital, Dallas and 30 gift baskets for Medical Center, Lewisville for their suites.
  2. We had a photo shoot with professional photographer, Shelli Couch with shots of both me and our products.
  3. I put out a long overdue newsletter with a fabulous sale. (Hope you took advantage of it.  If not watch for the next one.)
  4. At my monthly soaper’s brunch I shot a video.  Got it edited and posted.  Soaper’s Monthly Meet
  5. We added some new eco-friendly, sustainable packaging gift sets to better reflect the philosophy behind our products.
  6. Changes at the website so you can now login and view your order history.

And here’s a list of 6 happenings to come at Susan’s Soaps & More (not necessarily in chronological order):

  1. Wedding Favors that you can order online
  2. A small store page with limited items that you can order directly from our Facebook Page.  (Includes a discount for Fans)
  3. Updates of the website with the new photos we had taken as well as better organization
  4. Even more eco friendly, sustainable gift packaging
  5. New products coming out in June
  6. A survey with a great incentive for participating.

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  1. Liam's Grandma

    I just found your site while researching bitter almond. I am new to soaping and absolutely love it. Just became a business and am working on my website. I love your blog and will keep coming back over and over again. Thank you for this site!!

    1. Susan Svec

      So glad you are enjoying it! Any feedback you can give on topics you would like to see covered here is always welcome.

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