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Canine Creations Solid and LiquidPin
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Canine Creations won 1st place in Texas Works Awards Pets & Animals category!

Canine Creations Solid and LiquidPin
Canine Creations is available in liquid or as a solid bar shampoo.

Texas Works was created by Chet Garner and Vincent Friedewald. They decided to create Texas Works because they believe in the work that Texans are creating and doing. They want to get the word out about these “remarkable Texans with extraordinary talents and enough courage and enough crazy to become product entrepreneurs.”

If you are not familiar with these two men; Chet is host of the Emmy Award winning TV show The Daytripper and Vincent is the founder and CEO of No. 4 St. James.

They cohosted the Texas Works Awards with Go Texan for the 1st time in 2018. They hosted another contest this year in 2020.

Texas Works Awards

The Texas Works Awards has entries in the following categories: Fashion & Style, Workshop, Food, Drinks, At Home, Adventure & Outdoors, Pets & Animals and Apothecary. Each category had its own judge. Each category had semifinalists and a finalist and then there was a grand prize winner picked from among the category finalist. This year there was also a People’s Choice winner that was selected by the number of votes they received. There were only two cash prizes. The People’s Choice winner walked away with $5000 and the Grand Prize winner received $10,000. The other category winners just get bragging rights and I am officially braggin’!!!

2020 Texas Works Award Winners

<strong>GRAND PRIZE WINNER</strong>

Wilson Cabron –

Cabron Bits & Spurs They were also the winner of the Workshop Category.

<strong>FASHION & STYLE</strong>


<strong>AT HOME</strong>

<strong>ADVENTURE & OUTDOORS</strong>

Rattling Antlers

BRACA Collective

<strong>PETS & ANIMALS</strong>


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