Inside the Food & Fiber Pavillion

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We sell some our products at the Texas State Fair through the Go Texan program which has a store located in the Food & Fiber Pavilion.  If you haven’t ever visited this building during the Texas State Fair I thought you might be interested in what you can find there.  It is a busy place with lots of entertainment, shopping and sampling opportunities.  To list just a few of the activities available: you can visit Elsie, get a free ice cream cone, see the live bees, sit in a stone garden and shop for a wide variety of products all created in Texas.

I hope you enjoy the photo montage below of some of the people, products and entertainment that come together at the Food & Fiber Pavilion.

2 thoughts on “Inside the Food & Fiber Pavillion”

  1. dottie giesler

    we bought some really good tortilla chips in the food & fiber bldg.(in the little general store) & would like to know where we can get them in dallas. I accidently threw the pkg. away.i think there were only two(2) kinds in lrg. cello pkging.

    thank you!

    dottie giesler

    1. Susan Svec

      Hi Dottie,

      I just run my soap business. Each company in the Go Texan Store at the fair is an independently run business so I have no idea what to tell you about tortilla chips that you bought at the Go Texan Store. You might try contacting Go Texan if you can think of any distinguishing information regarding the tortilla chips that you purchased.

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