Susan’s Soaps Website Gets A Face Scrub

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Here is what you will see when our new site is live!  Still the same web address or url – but a completely different look and some new features.

With Google’s decision to penalize non-mobile friendly sites, I decided I had to do something to keep up.  So the obvious solution was to update our website.   The good news was Miva had just recently introduced what they called “Ready Themes” which are complete Miva Shopping Cart themes that are mobile friendly.  The bad news was that it was a lot more complex than I realized.   I have been working on this since March and keep thinking I almost have it done and then trip over something else that needs to be fixed or updated or corrected in someway.   I do think at this point we are getting very close and so I wanted to give you some information so that you can be aware of some of the changes as well as new features when we do go live with the new site.

I do want to stress that I may not have caught all of the updates or bugs that need to be made so if you have problems with your order not processing the way you think it should please just either call or email us so we can take care of it for you.

A few of the new features include being able to sign into your account and see is an improved checkout process, gift certificates and a customer credit feature.  The next blog post will go into more detail on these features and more.

Note:  I had accidentally published this a couple of weeks ago so let’s try this again intentionally.


Scroll down though because there is more:

Susan's Soaps New Website - Full Page ViewPin
Susan’s Soaps New Website – Full View

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