Lavender – 20 Ways It Can Benefit You.

Lavender essential oil benefits are derived from lavender buds.Pin
Lavender essential oil is distilled from lavender buds

Lavender essential oil has many benefits. Because of this, it is often regarded as the single most important essential oil.  I know lavender is our best selling scent among our products.  In this post, first I am going to give you an extremely brief history of aromatherapy. Next, I am going give you a list of 20 ways lavender essential oil can help improve daily life. [This list was updated 08-21-2020]

Essential oil benefits are often collectively referred to as aromatherapy (the use of plant extracts and essential oils.) The ancient Egyptians are credited with being one the first to distill certain plant materials to obtain the oils which they used in their embalming process.

There are references to the use of essential oils as far back as 5000 BC. For instance, they were used in ancient China and India as well as other parts of Asia. Think Queen of Sheba for one.

French chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse is credited with inventing the word aromatherapy after a nasty burn accident in 1937. When he was able to use lavender to dramatically aid in the healing of his burned hand, it subsequently spurred his interest in essential oils.


This may be the most common thing people associate with lavender is it is “relaxing”. Stress has become such a big part of everyone’s life that having a natural way to help relax can truly be a godsend. A good way to help with this issue is to use lavender essential oil in a diffuser.

Treatment of Burns (Including Sunburn) and Scalds

As noted above healing of a bad burn was the way modern day aromatherapy came into being. CAUTION: Even though Rene-Maurice Gattefosse used lavender if you have a serious burn I would still recommend going to the emergency room for treatment. But definitely, give it a try the next time you get a case of sunburn.


Lavender essential oilPin
Sprigs of lavender and lavender essential oil.

Being antiseptic means that lavender helps to prevent the growth and development of microorganisms.



Laryngitis and throat infections

Try gargling with a drop or two of lavender in a glass of warm salt water.

Insect Repellant

Lavender is one of the essential oils we put in our Bugs Away Oil.

Treatment of Insect Bites and Stings

Scar treatment


Safe for babies and sensitive skin

Lavender is considered as one of the most gentle essential oils. I would definitely do a patch test first for infants and small children or anyone with very sensitive skin. Lastly, people can also be allergic to lavender .

Beneficial for all skin types

Lavender is an essential oil that is beneficial for all skin types from dry to oily.

Helpful with eczema and other dermatitis

Stimulates the immune system

Lavender is especially helpful for flu

Makes your lingerie drawer smell good

Tuck a sachet or even a bar of soap into your lingerie drawer to lightly scent everything.

Muscle aches and pains

Soak in a nice warm bath with epsom salts and a few drops of lavender can leave you feeling a lot better.

Helpful for headaches and migraines

A bath is a great place to reap lavender essential oil benefits.Pin
Get the benefits of lavender essential oil in your bath.

The bath mentioned above can help, perhaps with water not quite as warm. Or try just a drop or two of lavender on each temple or at the base of your neck.

Can help with nausea and abdominal cramps

If you have the option, a bath with a few drops of lavender would be a good way to treat these symptoms as well.

Used to scent sheets and bed linens

Just sprinkle a few drops on your linens and let the scent surround you at night.

Lastly, lavender essential oil has a scent that is loved by many.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post variations of lavender blends is what we sell the most of. It is a familar, comforting scent that brings pleasure to many people.

If you would like to try some of our lavender scented items we make a lavender version in almost all of our product categories.  In soap alone we offer 4 different options (Lavender Chamomile, Lavender Oatmeal, Lavender Rosemary and Lavender Sage)  You can reach our website here:  Susan’s Soaps & More

In conclusion, even though I have researched the above list they have not necessarily been medically tested. I am NOT a doctor and am NOT dispensing medical treatment advice.   Above all, you need to proceed with caution.  Discontinue use at first sign of any adverse reaction.  People can be allergic to any substance or have varied reactions based on their own physiology.  Susan’s Soaps & More is not responsible for any negative effects from your use of lavender essential oil.  You should follow proper dilution guidelines at all times.  In short, more is not better when working with essential oils.


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The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils by Julia Lawless

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