Let the Good Times Roll (at the Soap Conference)

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Every year I am simply amazed at how fantastic the HSMG conference is and every year it just gets better and better!  Some of the highlights for me this year have been in chronological order:

  • Meeting Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun
  • Hearing Josh Onysko the CEO of Pangea Soaps
  • Learning a new method of thickening liquid soap from Anne-Marie Faiola of Brambleberry
  • Wholesale Supplies Special Event question time with Debbie May as well as her presentations
  • Robert Tisserand’s aromatherapy presentation and getting to talk with him one on one later
  • Essential Wholesale Wild West Party

And we still have another day with presentations to come by Donna Marie Coles Johnson, Marie Gale and Kevin Dunn.  Plus the awards banquet tomorrow night as well.

So as my headline stated:

Let the Good Times Roll

(click the link above to listen to The Cars sing it!)

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