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How the HSMG Soap conference helps me do better.

This is my last post actually from the soap conference as we are heading out tomorrow morning at 5:00 am, hopefully.  (Ugh, but then we have about a 13-hour trip ahead of us.  Uggghhh again!)

I wanted to share just some of the things that I have specifically learned during this trip that can help me do better in either creating products or running my business.

  • I wanted to get away from borax as a thickener in our body washes.  Anne-Marie shared ways to use salt instead.  I can hardly wait to get back and try it.
  • Learning and understanding more about essential oils is always a priority and Robert Tisserand shared a lot of safety and recommended use information.  Some of that is in direct opposition to what I had understood before and his information is research-based!!  I am sure I will be making some changes.
  • Time management is one of my most problematic areas, particularly as regards social media.  Donna Maria Coles Johnson suggested scheduling this activity just like any other.  We generally melt oils on Monday and make soap on Tuesday.  Schedule blogging, Facebook, etc. in the same way.
  • I have been to Marie Gale’s labeling class now three times and still always learn something new.  I have her book, but it is sooo much information that it’s never too much.
  • Marketing and branding is something I always need more help with and Rachel Lane of Barcelona Soap suggested I take a look at Branding for Dummies.
  • Listening the panel on Legislative issues inspired me to commit (to myself at least) to communicate with my representatives at the local level so that I can do my part on staying on top of pending legislation in our field.
  • Simply getting to reconnect with some of the people who are active in our field so that I can call upon them for help if needed in the future has been wonderful.

I have feel that I have benefited from all aspects of interaction that the conference offers:  lectures, classes, panels, access to industry leaders and networking with fellow soap makers.

My hat is off once again to the HSMG and the people who make it and this conference happen!

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