Milk & Honey Soap goes speckled!

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Milk and Honey Speckled SoapPin
Milk and Honey Soap speckled with droplets of honey.

Our Milk & Honey Soap is one that we have been making for years.

It’s not like we don’t know what we’re doing.  (at least as far as making soap goes.)  That said, Milk & Honey can be just a tad temperamental.   Any soap using milk can have decided color fluctuations based on how hot the soap gets while processing.  Then there is the fact that we use powdered goat’s milk which has to be blended into the soap along with the honey.  And of course there is always the consideration that soap making is an art, or in other words, 2 + 2 doesn’t always equal 4.  Or maybe it was simply that the planets were out of alignment that day.  Whatever the reason our last batch of Milk & Honey Soap turned out speckled!

To elaborate a bit on how that occurred.  We pour out some of the soap into a smaller pot to blend in the milk and honey separately.  We do this for the goat’s milk so it won’t lump and we do this for the honey so it doesn’t separate out in the soap.  Well this time we made the mistake of blending the honey and the goat’s milk together before adding the soap.

Not a good thing as the mixture clumped and we simply couldn’t get all of the tiny lumps out.  We thought it would come right while processing but as you can see it did not smooth out.  So now we have about 80 bars of speckled Milk & Honey soap.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the soap.

It’s simply not the way we usually make it or sell it.  It has little speckles of honey through it and doesn’t feel quite as smooth to your skin.  But it is essentially the same soap!  It still has no added scent.  Still great for sensitive skins and babies or even for use as a complexion bar.  But it is speckled.

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