New Birds Bathing Video


Everybody needs a zen moment now and then.  I think bird watching is a great way accomplish that.  So in that vein; here’s another in our developing series depicting birds in our bird bath.  This project is still definitely a work in progress.  I purchased a birdcamWingscape Birdcam and attached it to a tree in our backyard.  I then positioned the birdbath in what I thought was the best position but as you can see in the video it still needs some tweaking.

Also I am still a novice at identifying the birds.  I recognize the Bluejay but I don’t know what the yellow bird is or what the ones with the blueish backs and reddish underneath.  I didn’t think they were Bluebirds but maybe they are.  Anyone with more bird knowledge than me please chime in.

I am hoping to improve the quality of the video angles as well as maybe put some feeders out toBird at our birdbath attract wider variety of birds.  I have also added a STRESS BUSTERS category under ABOUT US on our website where you can find our Bird Bathing videos and probably future stress busting tips as well.  So if you like to watch birds or perhaps just need a zen moment I hope you enjoy our “Birds Bathing”.

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