New Birds Bathing Video

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Everybody needs a zen moment now and then.  I think bird watching is a great way accomplish that.  So in that vein; here’s another in our developing series depicting birds in our bird bath.  This project is still definitely a work in progress.  I purchased a birdcamWingscape BirdcamPin and attached it to a tree in our backyard.  I then positioned the birdbath in what I thought was the best position but as you can see in the video it still needs some tweaking.

Also I am still a novice at identifying the birds.  I recognize the Bluejay but I don’t know what the yellow bird is or what the ones with the blueish backs and reddish underneath.  I didn’t think they were Bluebirds but maybe they are.  Anyone with more bird knowledge than me please chime in.

I am hoping to improve the quality of the video angles as well as maybe put some feeders out toBird at our birdbath attract wider variety of birds.  I have also added a STRESS BUSTERS category under ABOUT US on our website where you can find our Bird Bathing videos and probably future stress busting tips as well.  So if you like to watch birds or perhaps just need a zen moment I hope you enjoy our “Birds Bathing”.

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  1. Susan Mann


    Sorry… I didn’t mention your blue jays. Yes… you were right with those. You definitely have the little rascals. I love them! They are such great fun personalities.

    -Susan Mann

  2. Susan Mann

    Hiya, Susan…

    Ohhh, I have so loved sitting with this video. I love birdwatching. I’ve been learning all about Amercian in my eleven years here. It’s been wonderful having been an avid birder for my whole life in the UK.

    I’m not sure where you are, but I think you might have the western blue birds in the bath. Male, female, and young! The yellow one looks like a goldfinch. There’s no black cap, so I’m thinking female, or maybe a particular goldfinch specific to your region.

    Towards the end, at 1.06, there’s a red/brown grey one with longish legs typical of a sparrow. The beak looks like a finches beak though, so I was thinking maybe be a pine sparrow. But… on looking at the Bachman sparrow, I’m thinking maybe it’s that one. If you take a look at the middle row, 1st bird left, this one is pretty close to what I’m looking at in the bird bath. Whaddya think:

    Here’s a great search guide for you to use, Susan. Just check the boxes, and off you go. It’s brilliant for identifying birds. Don’t just go off their pics on the guide though. Birds look different in sunlight, time of year, and of course, male, female and young. I always do an image search on google once I think I’m close. As you’ll see with the Bachman, you’d swear some of them don’t belong on that page.

    Thank you so much for sharing this video. I’ve never thought of setting one up at my bird baths. I have the ideal surroundings to do so too. Stay tuned…

    My very best to you…

    -Susan Mann

    1. Susan Svec

      Hi Susan,

      Thanks so much for your informative reply. I agree with you on your identification and have another reader chime in on the bluebirds and yellow finch.

      I am so glad you enjoyed watching the video. I also appreciate the bird identity resource. I have a bird book as well so will try to combine the two. I am located in North Texas area, about 40 miles southeast of Dallas.

      All the best and happy bird watching!

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