Natural Liquid Shampoo – A Peek into how it’s made.

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While recently making a batch of our all-natural liquid shampoo I thought you might enjoy a peek into how it is made.  So here is a little mini gallery of pics showing just a bit of what goes on to put that shampoo into the bottle.

Making a liquid soap or shampoo is a bit different than making bar soap.  For starters, you use Potassium Hydroxide instead of Sodium Hydroxide.  The oils and KOH solution are stirred while being heated, but they are cooked until a paste is formed as shown in Shampoo Paste.  Distilled water is then added to the paste and everything is heated again until the paste is diluted as shown in Diluted Shampoo Paste.  Watch the video below where Susan demonstrates diluting the shampoo paste.

YouTube video

After the paste is diluted the shampoo can be scented which in our case means adding essential oils.  The final step is to thicken the shampoo for which we, of course, use an all-natural solution of salt and water.

Once the shampoo has been created the way we want it is time to put it into bottles and the bottles labeled.  Filled Shampoo Bottles is a shot of filled bottles not yet labeled.

Every step of the way has clean up involved so I just had to give you Clean-Up Time, a shot of a sink full of the dirty dishes created during the process.

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my soap shop. We offer several scents of our all-natural shampoo and you can find them here. If you prefer liquid soap to bars we also have our Shower Gel and Body Wash which is made using the same process.

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