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What soap works best? With the new normal of COVID-19 in our world and the constant reminder to wash your hands, you may be asking yourself that question. Rebecca Jane Valera was along with other soap queries. She came to me for answers and with questions from her friends on Facebook decided to do an interview.

Some of the questions she asks are:

What soap works best? Antibacterial or just regular soap?

All soaps (or surfactants, an industry term) if properly applied, ie. washing thoroughly for 20 sec. will get rid of the Coronavirus. Surfactants cause the outer layer around the virus to break down and then bye-bye virus. The FDA did a study several years ago and determined that “antibacterial” soaps are not any more effective against bacteria than regular soap. Remember too, that antibacterial chemicals or medicines are not effective against viruses. The key is simply doing the 20 sec. scrubbing wash with some kind of soap!

What is the difference between liquid hand soap, body wash, and dish soap?

These are all surfactants which means they all clean. Body wash may be formulated to be more gentle or perhaps with more lathering or foaming. In a pinch, you can probably use them all interchangeably. Hand soap can have ingredients to be less drying than dish soap. Both the hand soap and the body wash are likely to be scented to appeal more as a personal care product instead of a cleaning product. But if you run out of hand soap or body wash go ahead and wash those hands with dishwashing soap. [Does anyone remember Madge, the nail tech who had her client’s hand soaking in Palmolive?]

What essential oils in soap help protect you the most against viruses?

Washing thoroughly with soap itself is your best protection. However, I do believe that using all-natural products particularly those with specific essential oils can definitely help boost your immune system. The top three essential oils with antiviral actions that I would recommend are tea tree, eucalyptus, and peppermint. Using either bar soap or liquid soap made with them can only help improve your overall resistance to disease.

YouTube video
Rebecca Valera interviews Susan for answers to her questions about soap.

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