Artisan Ceramic Soap Dishes


Each one is unique!



Artisan Ceramic Soap Dishes are back in stock, although limited quantity.  These are handmade using the laborious slab method and then bisque fired.  I then used an underglaze on them in whimsical, decorative patterns and finished with a clear glaze to seal everything in.

Each soap dish is completely unique and is even signed by me on the bottom.  They are each two piece dishes so that the soap can drain and dry out faster, extending the life of the soap.  Each of the bottom tray sections is footed ensuring that water does not puddle underneath the soap dish.

Each soap dish  base measures approximately 4″ across by 5 3/4″ long and the lattice top measures approximately 3″ x 4 1/4″.

There are three different soap dishes each one unique in it’s design.  When you select an option for the soap dish that is the image that is displayed.  Browse through them to see which would work for your bathroom!

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Susan's Soaps & More


Susan's Soaps & More


Soap Dish #1, Soap Dish #2, Soap Dish #3, Soap Dish #4


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