Soap Scent Critique by Susan’s Bookclub

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Creating A New Soap Scent – Day 7

My bookclub had it’s annual Christmas meeting last night with lots of fun, food and laughter.  I asked them if they would mind giving a critique of two new soap scents that we have been working on.  They graciously agreed.

And so ladies you’re on!


I hope you enjoyed the video.  It was fun to make.  Notice that not everybody liked both scents but the overall consensus seemed positive.  Scent is definitely not “a one size fits all”  type of thing.  People have memories, associations and simply different olfactory sensors that all play into how they perceive a particular scent. That is why we are up to over 30 scent blends now and still growing.

As I mentioned in the video the scent testing is now entering a wait and see period of about two weeks or so while we let the soap cure for a bit.  I’ll keep you updated.

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