State Fair of Texas Retrospective by Susan’s Soaps

Susan and Andrew sampling at the State Fair of TexasPin
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The first time I attended the State Fair of Texas was way back in college, but I have been participating as a business at this event through Go Texan since 2005.

Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures that far back. I wish I did. My images only go back as far back as 2007. Notice the sign there with my husband Jerry only mentions Salt Glows. That was before we had added Sugar Scrubs to our line.

When I first started exhibiting at State Fair I only sampled a few days each year. Eventually, I started sampling every day of the fair, and then in 2019, we began having our own booth in addition to selling our products in the Go Texan store.

The day Big Tex caught on fire, I was there. I have been there on TX-OU game days when it was crowded you could hardly get from one food stand to another. I have also been there when the rain kept everyone but the most faithful away for the day.

The State Fair of Texas is a tradition that I embrace and enjoy being a part of. If you haven’t been I hope the pictures and information below inspire you to attend. If are a fair goer then I hope the images below bring back some fond memories and make you look forward to opening day even more!

Pictorial Timeline

Find Me at the Fair

As you probably know the fair was canceled in 2020 due to the Pandemic, but we were back in 2021. This year in 2023 it opens Friday, September 29th, and runs through Sunday, October 22. That is 3 weeks and 4 weekends.

Texas State Fairgrounds MapPin

We are located in the Go Texan Pavilion. I have it circled in red on the map above with an arrow pointing to it. Years ago it was known as the Food & Fiber Pavillion if you visited it back then.

The Go Texan Store is at one end of the pavilion and then in the open area of the pavilion is the stage, exhibit booths like the beekeepers, Southwest Dairy, and more, more, more! Along one side of the pavilion are the vendor booths belonging to different Go Texan members. Susan’s Soaps is one of those booths and we will be located towards the end close to the stage.

We have a display in the Go Texan Store as well as our booth in the main part of the building, the Go Texan Pavilion. You can buy our products in either place, but we won’t have our full line in the store. We will have pretty much our complete line available in our booth. Our booth will be very close to the seating area in front of the stage.

You can browse our products including Soaps, Body Oils, and Face Serum. We will also have our Body Butter in our booth at the fair as well. Pick up a free sample and sign up to win our Gift Basket Giveaway which is over $200 worth of product or just stop by and say Hi!

What to see at the Fair

Where to start? There is so much to see at the state fair. One of my favorites is always the butter sculpture which is in the Creative Arts Building. Every year it is a different sculpture and is housed in a glass front freezer. The sculpture is usually life-sized and always worth seeing. Other items in the Creative Arts building are quilts, jams and jellies, and other creative endeavors.

Here is a link to a video I shot a number of years ago of the Butter Sculpture that year.

YouTube video
Butter Sculpture in the Creative Arts Building – State Fair of Texas – 2011

Go here to find more information about what happens in the Creative Arts Building

The State Fair website has a Plan Your Visit that is worth a visit.

I hope to see you there!!

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