The 7 Types of Self Care You Absolutely Need to Know.

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Did you know there are 7 types of self-care and you absolutely should know what they are? Self-care is more than just pampering yourself. It’s about looking into all the areas of your life and finding a balance between them. It is making sure you are living your life to your fullest abilities, needs, and desires. It is implementing daily habits and rituals that resonate with you to maintain happiness and a fulfilling life.

In this post, we give you the seven types of self-care to know about for a well-rounded self-care plan.

#1: Physical


Anything that keeps you moving and nourishes your body involves physical self-care. It is staying active and physically fit while fueling your body with proper nutrition. Going for a jog, practicing good hygiene, staying hydrated, consuming appropriate foods, and making it a priority to get a full night’s rest are all examples.

#2: Mental

Anything that leads you to mental clarity and more consistent happiness can improve your mental self-care. Playing brain games to improve concentration, practicing self-compassion, self-acceptance, and asking for help when needed are a few mental self-care ideas.

#3: Emotional


This includes managing and understanding your emotions while balancing stress. It is about increasing empathy and self-compassion to live a happier and more well-rounded life. Establishing proper boundaries, putting your needs first before you offer too much help, and taking a moment to feel and understand your emotions are all things you can do to practice emotional self-care.

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#4: Social

Social self-care includes getting involved with your local community, friends, loved ones. Anything that involves you with other people. Even introverts want to communicate with others at some point. It allows you to gain different perspectives and fuels your motivation and creativity. Volunteering at a local soup kitchen or getting involved in local group activities are some ideas to get started.

#5: Personal


These are the things that interest you the most, like going to a movie or spa night or practicing your favorite hobby. Anything that makes you, you is personal self-care.

#6: Financial

Keeping up with your finances or bills and understanding your fiscal responsibility is a crucial part of your self-care plan. Many of the reasons people experience stress are due to money. However, the more you educate yourself and practice financial responsibility, the easier it is to manage.

#7: Professional


Working a nine to five hourly or aspiring to be an entrepreneur or business owner involves professional self-care. It is the goals you set to make a living in life to get the things you need and want to survive.

As you develop your own self-care plan, look into each of these distinct categories. Design questions that make you think and challenge yourself to ensure your needs are met and satisfied. If you take your time to look into these categories and find activities to improve, you are on your way to creating a well-rounded self-care plan and happier life.

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7 Types of Self CarePin
7 Types of Self Care You Need to KnowPin
7 Types of Self Care You Need to KnowPin

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