Activities & Scents for Fall make the Season!

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When the weather cools down and the fall season is here what activities do you like to do for Fall?

Those are probably just a few of the types of activities you might like to indulge in to bring in the season. Decorating your home for fall and bringing in the scents of the season with candles may also be on your list. Consider bringing the scents of the season into your bath as well.

How Soaps can be a part of your Fall Season activities

Getting Outdoors

Getting outdoors and enjoying that crisp fall air. Kicking the leaves around and seeing how the colors have changed. These are activities that many of us associate with fall. Whether you can actually make that happen or not our Walk in the Woods Soap brings those scents in your bath to enjoy in your own home!

Walk in the Woods Soap

The scent is unique and we have people who rave about it.  Many people have described Walk in the Woods as smelling just like its name. 

The scent is a blend of lavender, patchouli and oak moss essential oils.  It is a rich brown color with a fresh, earthy, woodsy scent and a smooth creamy texture.  It also makes a great soap for people with dry skin both because of the lavender and patchouli essential oils in the blend as well as the added cocoa butter.

Bringing Fall Inside Your Home

Many of us like to celebrate fall by decorating our homes with elements from Mother Nature like branches and pine cones or leaves and berries. Others like to dive into baking or maybe just curl up in front of a fire with a spiced tea and a good book.

Let the scents of these soaps continue to bring the enjoyment of these fall activities surround you in your bath or shower.

Orange Clove Soap

It combines the scents of fruit and spice, just like a nice spiced orange tea.  We give our Orange Clove Soap lots of texture by adding real orange peel.   We use essential oils of sweet orange and clove bud for the scent.  

This bar began as a seasonal scent and has become a staple in our line due to customer demand.    If you haven’t ever taken a shower with a warm, spicy scent before give it a try.  It’s a very comforting feel.  We make products to make you feel and look good.  That is one of the benefits of skin care products created with essential oils.  They make you feel better from the inside out!

Cinnamon Spice Soap

This bar is scented with a blend of cinnamon, orange, cedarwood, and a bit of clove. It is warm and comforting; relaxing and soothing; fruity and slightly spicy.  I originally called it “Trail’s End” as I thought was a great way to end the day and the Texas Cedarwood gave it just a bit of western ambiance.   [I changed the name because the scent description in the name is less confusing.] 

This is a smooth bar without any added botanicals for texture.   It is also a pretty bar with a chocolate swirl through it.  And of course, since it is made by us, it’s all-natural!   We make another great citrus & spice scent, Orange Clove Soap, but it has a lot of texture with orange peel swirled throughout.

Indulging in a Bit of Wanderlust

Does Fall make you want to kick up your heels a bit and hit the road? Have we got the soap for you!

Hill Country Shampoo & Body Bar

Great men’s shampoo bar with a great woodsy scent!

If you find yourself missing the great outdoors, lather up with our Hill Country Solid Shampoo Bar.   Why do we call it the best men’s shampoo bar?   Because it has it all:  handmade and all natural with a great scent combined with the simplicity of one bar head to toe that you can carry anywhere. 

The scent of this shampoo bar makes me think of the Texas Hill Country. Dry hills, scrubby cedar trees, rocky soil, and gorgeous sunsets. It has a wonderful outdoor woodsy scent.  Lather up and escape the city while standing in your shower.

One of the primary benefits of a solid shampoo bar is that it is, well duh, solid.

That means you can:

  • Carry it on a plane with you.
  • Travel anywhere with it and not worry about it leaking.
  • Use it head to toe as both shampoo and a regular bar of soap.

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