Are You a Focused, Intense, Interesting Mint Person who doesn’t Know It?

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People who fit with mint, either Peppermint or Spearmint tend to to have certain types of personalities and character traits. Mint essential oils can help them feel better and be more productive. In essence they can help them be a better version of themselves. Are you a Mint Person who doesn’t know it?

Focused – Organized – Intense

If Mint is Your Best Scent then you are :


A Focused Problem Solver
People who fit with mint are vivid and alert. They are also very focused, organized and methodical. Mint’s #1 gift is problem solving!

Highly Intelligent and Intense
Mint isn’t subtle so won’t be called boring. Intense and highly intelligent, you can find it hard to switch off, but they have the stamina to match.

A Loyal Friend
Mint people are very loyal to their friends, but they may find it easier to stay in front of their computer screen than connecting with others.

As a Mint person, you’ve got a thriving inner world, friend. You could spend hours mulling over complex ideas that’d give anyone else a headache. On top of that, you’re detail-oriented and prefer to lead with logic rather than emotion.

You enjoy a good spreadsheet or possibly organizing drawers. Doing research before you purchase anything is standard operating procedure. There is also a healthy love of strategy games. You need to know quite a bit of information before making decisions and love following directions!

Mentally demanding careers appeal to you. Here’s the thing though, sometimes your rationality might trip up your creative flow. Not all problems can be solved while staying safely inside the box…

That’s where essential oils can make a difference!

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Mint can inspire you to think in new, innovative ways and find fresh perspectives on your fave topics.  It can also help with that headache from staring at your computer screen too long.  Been burning the midnight oil?  Try sniffing that bar of peppermint soap for a bit of a wakeup.  

Note; mint uplifts, revives, and recharges. Hint:  If you find Peppermint too intense try Spearmint. It has many of the same benefits in a milder version.

Aromatherapy Tip: Mint also helps with an upset stomach. An easy way to have mint on hand for a quick pickup is with one of our Lip Balms.

A few of our Minty products:

Does this sound like you? Take the quiz and find out the scent that will work best for you! Find it Here.

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Are You a Mint Person?Pin
Are You a Mint Person?Pin
Are You a Mint Person?Pin

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