Ready for Dallas WTC September Gift Market

Plus this market we will have our new All Natural Liquid Soap to present as well as our Fir & Cedar Soap. We wanted to let everyone know about them as well as present our wedding favor items better so they wouldn’t be overlooked in the booth. Our wedding favor items had just been somewhat jumbled in among everything else and now they have their own shelf all their own.

Meet Up with Me Schedule Posted

A customer sent me an email the other day asking what shows I was going to be doing in the new future. I emailed her back but realized that I have nothing on either the blog or my website with that information. Well it’s now rectified on the blog and soon to be on the website as well

De-stress with “Two Birds for Watching”


Here is a 2nd bird watching video. This time with two birds at the bird bath. Take just a minute and decompress. Hope you enjoy it.

Inspired by Julie & Julia

I just got home from watching the movie Julie & Julia earlier today. Not only did I absolutely love it but I found it really inspiring and in many ways applicable to my own life. What I found so inspiring about their stories was they took something they loved and pursued it simply for their own needs. They stuck with it even with major set backs and difficulties and discouragement. They each continued on and in their own way achieved success and recognition for doing what they loved.

Making Liquid Soap – Test batches

Making all natural liquid soap has turned into something of a journey for us which I guess is as it should be. I mean after all learning a whole new process shouldn’t be an overnight success. It takes trial and error and more trial and error to get everything just right.

Texas Soapmaker’s Conference well worth attending!

I was originally on the fence about attending the Texas Soapmaker’s Conference. I mean times are a bit tough right now, orders down, money tight. Then they asked me to be on a panel and I thought well I’ll be there anyway I should attend the entire conference. I am so glad I did. They had some wonderful speakers, fabulous food in a great hotel, new vendors I hadn’t seen and I absolutely loved the interaction and camaraderie I had with other soapmakers.

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