Creating a New Soap Scent – Day 3

Today everyone was back at work after the Thanksgiving holiday so I had them all smell the scent blends I had created last week. I have pretty much zeroed in on wanting to create two new scent blends – Lemon Zest and Lavender Mint. Last week I had created a number of blends that I and my staff smelled and rated. Today I had them smell the blends again and see how they had “aged” in a week.

Dallas Farmer’s Market Hoedown

Thursday night we were vendors at the Dallas Farmer’s Market Hoedown which is the Friends of the Farmer’s Market largest fundraiser. It is put on in partnership with the Texas Department of Agriculture Go Texan program of which we are a member. If you have never attended you should make plans to be there next year as it’s a really fun party and I think in support of a good cause.

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