New Places to Buy Susan’s Soaps & More Products

Periodically I receive phone calls or emails from customers or potential customers asking where they can purchase our products. Of course you can always buy from us online, but some folks prefer to do their shopping in person. After receiving several inquiries this past week I realized that maybe I should be putting this information out front a little more and so here we are.

Susan’s Soaps & More has record snowfall!

I know this is totally off topic but I just had to share pictures from our record snowfall here in Scurry, Texas. You folks up north will probably be completely unimpressed, but we received approximately 11″ of snow yesterday which is a sets an all time record for the snowiest day in Scurry’s (in fact in the Dallas Metroplex area) history. Since we live out in the country it really looked like a picture postcard around here.

At Dallas WTC for Mini Market

I am back at my booth in Hemisphere at the Dallas WTC for the February Mini Market. I decided to make a commitment to spend more time up at Hemisphere, since rent is due every month, not just during market times. After all, I can ride in with my hubby and work on my laptop when things are slow.

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