How is Soap Made?

How is Soap Made?  We talk about how soap is made and what is soap.  We have blog posts and videos showing how we make our cold process soap, walk throughs of our soap shop and more.

After the HSMG Conference – Key West

We are back home now and getting back to normal after the HSMG Conference and then 5 nights in Key West. I thought you might enjoy a pictorial of our visit there. If you are planning to visit I show some of the restaurants we ate at and the things we did. It’s very laid back and we had a great time! We love to learn about the history of places and so that’s a lot of what we did.

Day 3 at the HSMG Soap Conference

Kevin Dunn with Cheerleaders and Nerds

And the learning continues:

Debbie May of Wholesale Supplies Plus stresses making a plan and knowing how you will handle customer service.
Kevin Dunn gave us all the facts on soda ash and also a substitute for jojoba which is now almost impossible to get.

Day 1 @ HSMG Soap Conference 2011

I am sitting in my hotel room after the end of Day 1 at the HSMG (Handcrafted Soap Makers Guild) Conference 2011. The conference is being held at the Miami Hilton Downtown Hotel this year and as always it’s fabulous! Or as Feleciai says, yummy! Every year it’s amazing to me how smoothly everything runs and how they pack so much into such few hours. I come back every year for several reasons: learn about new techniques, products and what’s going on in the industry, network with other soapers and vendors to gain tips and tricks, recharge my enthusiasm for my business and have some fun and get some goodies! I am going to try to report each day from the conference with a nod to the goals I hit that day.

Belated Birthday Blog Post

we introduced our all natural perfume, Soaring. It took me about two years to get it the way I wanted it and I think I got it right. No one scent is going to be perfect for everyone, but not only do I personally love Soaring, but I have been wearing it for several months now and have numerous people ask me what I was wearing.

End of the year update

Christmas is almost here and then one week later – bam it’s a new year. I wanted to just share some bits and pieces with you and thought this would be a good time to do it. Tomorrow – Wed, 12/22 is the last day we are shipping out orders before Christmas. We are spending Christmas with family and will not be shipping orders again until Tuesday 12/28.

SCA 2010 – Consumer Protection or Witchhunt?

[Statue Of Liberty] I make safe cosmetics. I believe in safe cosmetics. Creating cosmetics that are natural and better for my skin is why I created my company, Susan’s Soaps & More 10 years ago. So why do I feel attacked by the fact that the last three years have seen cosmetic reform bills introduced into congress and in particular by this latest one – Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010?

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