Eucalyptus Tea Tree is new sugar scrub scent and more.

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Eucalyptus Tea Tree is our new sugar scrub scent . . . and one of the scents in our new large sized Lotion Sticks.  We also have a special Summer Skin Soother gift being offered for a special price.  It includes our new Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Sugar Scrub, the new Eucalyptus & Tea Tree large Lotion Stick and a Tea Tree Lip Balm.  These items would sell individually for $28.50, but we are offering the Summer Soothers Set for only $25.00.

Summer Skin Soother SetPin

This is a special blend of Eucalyptus & Tea Tree and I chose these essential oils for a reason.  Tea Tree essential oil is considered to be the only essential oil that is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal.  This makes it a particularly essential oil to use during summertime with all risks now associated with public pools, lakes and even public showers.

Both tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils are helpful for athlete’s foot; another complaint more common in summer.

The third essential in this blend is peppermint which we substituted for rosemary that is in our soap Eucalyptus & Tea Tree blend.  I chose peppermint for it’s cooling, refreshing properties.  It is one of the best essential oils for tired, achey feet.

Here are links to the new products:

Summer Skin Soother Set

Sugar Scrubs

Large Lotion Stick

And shown below is a video demonstrating how to use our sugar scrub:


And as another perk for you Eucalyptus lovers – I just updated our Weekly Soap Special to Eucalyptus & Tea Tree @ $4.00/bar.

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