5 Reasons Why Vacations are Important for Happiness and Good Health.

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So Why are Vacations Important?

Vacations are important!! Trust us they just are and we give your 5 quick reasons why vacations are important here. The very short answer though is “All work and no play made Jack a very dull boy.” And not only dull but also unhappy and unhealthy. Vacation time is essential for your mental, physical, and emotional good health.

For Your Mental Health

You have probably heard some of the positive effects of vacation days on your mental health. But here is a short concise list of benefits to consider from taking time off.

To make the most of your vacation, go somewhere that you enjoy! I grew up down in Corpus Christi on the coast of Texas. Probably because of that, my very favorite place to vacation is the beach. But that may not be yours.

Numerous Mental Health Benefits

  • Regular vacations gives you more focus on work when you are working.
  • Breaking up your normal routine helps increase your productivity.
  • That next vacation may help generate creative ideas for that project you have been stalled on.
  • Feelings of calm can literally help your mind heal.

Help Relieve Chronic Stress

#2 of Reasons why vacations are important is to help lower your stress level. If you suffer from chronic stress or feel burned out then a vacation can often be a simple cure. Being on vacation can reduce stress and anxiety. If you tend to put in long hours at work or home then a break in that routine can help put you into a more relaxed state.

I mentioned earlier that beaches are my thing. But maybe they are not yours. Here are a few other possibilities for you to consider to you chill out. Do what you want to do!

Getting into Nature
Seeing New Places
Working in Your Garden

For Your Physical Health

One study found that taking time off can help to reduce the risk of heart attacks and coronary heart disease. Regular vacations can help lower high blood pressure and improve overall heart health. Getting a change of scenery may help you get a better night’s sleep as well. Perhaps, you will even have time to take that walk you keep putting off. Remember, every little bit helps.

Your Emotional Well Being.

Look at vacation time as an essential part of self-care. Don’t stress over it. Research has shown that planning a vacation can boost your happiness level. Go ahead and take a vacation and you will be thanking yourself afterward.

People Who Play Together, Stay Together.

Number 5 of our reasons why vacations are important is to strengthen family ties. A family vacation can be a great way to spend quality time with loved ones. Most people look forward to taking a trip and this family time together can help keep communication channels open.

I personally have found it extremely beneficial for my marriage. I have lower stress levels while on vacation as there are not as many tasks facing me and in many ways, it is a holiday away from the demands of daily life. It makes it easier for us just to enjoy each other and have fun together.

Jerry, my husband, now needs a walker to get around, so we don’t get out and about like we used to when traveling. We tend to spend more time in our room as he likes to watch the news happening in the financial world and I will use some of the time to keep up with posting content. I also enjoy simply relaxing by a pool, the beach or simply on the resort grounds depending where we are.

Simply chaning environments and getting away from ALL the things helps life go smoother.

To Summarize the Reasons Why Vacations are Important

  • Mental Benefits of better focus, creativity and calm.
  • Overall health benefits of less stress for greater well being
  • Reduced risk of coronary heart disease
  • Increased happiness from simply planning a get away
  • Finally, enhanced family life when you take a trip together


Why is Vacation Important?

Numerous studies have shown that regular vacations can benefit your overall health, both physically and mentally. People who “get away” have less stree and rish of heart disease, are more focused and motivated on their goals, and are generally happier.

Do vacations really help?

Research has shown that taking vacations can improve your creative output as well as your level of job satisfaction. It has even shown that people who take more than 10 days of vacation a year are more likely to receive 30% higher pay raises

Why are vacations needed?

Simply put vacations increase productivity. Employees who are happier and less stressed are more productive. Life happens though with all of its ups and downs. That is why regular vacations are more beneficial than fewer longer-term ones.

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Importance of taking a vacation by Kathryn Isham, PsyD LP

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