Fir and Cedar Natural Soap

Fir & Cedar Soap Smells like a Christmas Tree

It began from a customer request.

Fir & Cedar Soap came about as a result of a customer request.  One of my customers had requested a soap that smelled like a Christmas tree.  I thought a soap that smelled like a Christmas tree sounded like a good addition to our line so we went to work on it.

First, of course, was the scent blend.  After some experimenting, I settled on a blend of Siberian fir and Texas cedarwood essential oils.  We even sent a little sample to our customer and she agreed it smelled great.

Started strong, but things went downhill.

After thinking about the look and feel of the soap I decided I wanted a green swirl in it and opted to use chlorophyll.   I then made a small batch of our new Fir & Cedar soap.  It looked beautiful and smelled great!

After several weeks I used a bar and really liked it.  But as several more weeks passed it seemed that the scent was not holding as well as I expect for my soaps.  After a little longer, it appeared that the shelf life of the soap overall wasn’t as good as I would like.  So, back to the drawing board, I went.

All good in the end!

After analyzing what had been done, I decided to make several changes:

  • The chlorophyll was replaced with powdered rosemary
  • The percentage of essential oils was increased to help make the scent stronger and last longer
  • White cornmeal was added to also aid in creating a longer-lasting scent

So I made a test batch of the new and improved Fir & Cedar soap and after letting it sit for several weeks could see a dramatic improvement from the earlier formulation.  I then proceeded with a regular batch of this new soap and am now happy to have it in my line of soaps.  Voila! 

Fir & Cedar – the natural soap that smells like a Christmas tree.

0 thoughts on “Fir & Cedar Soap Smells like a Christmas Tree”

  1. April Swan

    I am interested in ordering the soap which smells like Christmas trees, but couldn’t find the link for ordering it on your huge, wonderful blog.

    Can you please tell me how to order this wonderful-sounding soap?

    April Swan

    1. Susan Svec

      I apologize but we are out of the Fir & Cedar right now and probably will not be bringing it back until next fall. Please look for it then.



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