Best Skin Care Routine is Simple for You!

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Your skin is your largest organ and in many ways what people notice first about you. If your skin feels good and looks good you are going to feel better about yourself. That means taking care of your skin is important. Creating a routine is the first step to taking care of your skin. In order to stick to that routine, it needs to work for you!

Read on for tips to create a simple routine that is customized for you!

Make the routine work for you!

  • Your routine should fit your skin care needs. In other words, your routine should make your skin look and feel better!
  • It should work for your schedule and be something that you stick to.
  • Use products that you like and enjoy. You want products that smell good to you, feel good to you and you feel good about using.
  • The products you use should be within your budget. Setting up a routine using products where you stress about the cost won’t do your skin any good

The Basic Steps

The most basic steps in a skin care routine are cleansing and moisturizing and that goes for both your face and your body. Beyond that though you probably will have a different routine for your face than for your body.

Skin care routine for your face.

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Those basic steps of cleansing and moisturizing for your face need to be done at least twice a day every day! You can add in extra steps of exfoliating several times a week and applying masques if you desire, but simply cleansing and moisturizing without fail will go a long way to better skin.

My recommendation is to choose natural products created with essential oils that work for you and your skin type. Essential oils bring all sorts of benefits to the table including antioxidants and fabulous scents! If you prefer unscented products that is fine but still look for all natural ones.

If you are simply focusing on cleansing and moisturizing it can be an easy two step process that quickly becomes a habit and is easy to stick to.

My personal 2 step face care routine is to wash with Carrot Seed Complexion Bar and then moisturize with Anti Aging Face Serum. Lately I have been adding some of one of the Quintessential Body Oils on my neck and temples. I use them almost like a bit of natural perfume as well as helping me relax, sleep better and aid with my skin care.

Skin care routine for your body.

Exfoliating Options include dry brushing, salt scrubs, and sponges.

A skin care routine for your body may be as simple as a shower every other day with moisturizer slathered on when needed. However, if you suffer from dry skin, itchy skin, eczema or other common skin issues you probably need to add in a bit more.

Exfoliating your body on a daily basis can help with a lot of skin issues. Exfoliating sloughs off dead skin cells encouraging your skin to renew itself. It also improves the blood circulation under your skin which also helps your skin to be healthy.

The image on the above shows some of the options you have for exfoliating. Pick one that appeals to you and try to incorporate it into your skin routine, if not daily then at least 3 – 4 times a week.

A body care routine for many people might more realistically be exfoliating either before or in your daily shower. Try to use water that is not too hot as that can be drying to your skin. Again choose a soap or cleanser that is all natural and then follow out of the shower with a light all over natural body oil or moisturizer.

My personal body care routine is pretty simple as well. I usually try to shower at night because I sleep better. I wash with one of my soaps or shampoo bars. About one or twice a week I use one of my body scrubs primarily on my legs as they help with my eczema. My favorite is the Lavender Sage Salt Glow. After getting out and toweling off I use one of the Natural Body Oils again, primarily on my legs. And that is it for a regular routine. Periodically, I like to take an epsom salt bath or get a massage, but these are not part of my regular skin care regimen.

Lifestyle routines that impact your skin


Since your skin is the largest organ of your body, just about everything impacts it. Here are some things to consider if you are trying to look better and feel better in your skin. Try to incorporate some of these into your regular routines.

  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Regular Sleep Habits
  • Healthy Eating and Drinking
  • Massage

Everybody’s skin is different and so your skin care routine will be different.

Hopefully these suggestions have laid the ground work for you to build a skin care routine that works for you. Don’t follow something just because it is new, trendy or your best friend is doing it. You are unique and so is your skin. Remember how I started this post:

Your skin care routine needs to work for YOU!!

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