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Gift Ideas for the Traveler in Your Life.

Looking for gift ideas for a traveler? Do you have someone in your life or on your gift giving list that spends a lot of their time traveling? Maybe they travel for work or maybe they travel for pleasure.

Maybe it’s someone close to you that you enjoy gifting small little surprises to make them feel special? Maybe it is someone that you only gift during bigger holidays – Christmas, Birthdays, Mother’s or Father’s Day for example?

You have come to the right place. We have some great ideas for all natural products sure to make their life on the road more comfortable!

Climate Control (otherwise known as moisturizers)

Often when traveling you are either subject to lots of airports and meetings in office buildings or out on sunny beaches or other outdoor environments. Skin can get dry and irritated or chapped and peeling. Here are some items to help with that. None of these take up much room in your luggage. The Lotion Bars and Lip Balm are solid and get the 1 oz. Face Serum and put it in a zip bag and you are good to go.

Solid Shampoo Bars are a Traveler’s Best Friend

For simple and easy it is hard to beat our solid shampoo bars. One bar does it all head to toe — shampoo and body wash or even hand soap — all in one bar. Just put the bar in a travel soap container and you are ready for parts unknown or that next “have to attend in person” business meeting. Again, this is a solid product so no need to worry about any “liquids” restrictions.

Personal Protection – Slightly Different Gift Ideas for the Traveler.

Keeping yourself and your skin healthy and looking great while traveling can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. Here a few things to make that easier.

  • Hand Sanitizer that doesn’t make your hands feel sticky and with a peppermint scent that is utterly refreshing.
  • Bugs Away is oil based so it also can double as a moisturizer.
  • Our Carrot Seed Complexion Bar to help keep that complexion glowing. (Pro tip: cut the shampoo bar and complexion bar each in half and then put a 1/2 bar of each in your travel soap container.)

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