Is Lavender’s Soothing Scent Really the Best Choice for You?

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Don’t get me wrong. Lavender is a great essential oil. But is it really the best scent for you?

Everybody seems to know that lavender is good for relaxing. But what if you want to relax more but you frankly can’t stand the scent of lavender. Or maybe you are allergic to it? (That is a thing, you know.)

Or maybe you don’t need help with relaxing, you are all about trying to stay focused. In this post, we talk about both some of the health benefits of lavender essential oil as well as some of the personality traits that tend to be drawn to lavender or resonate the most with lavender.

Balanced – Helpful – Caring

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Caring & Helpful
You are very giving and generous, caring for others almost to self-sacrifice. Your gift is serving others.

Yours is a very versatile personality, it is one of true balance!

You have a love of nature, and spirituality, along with high morals.

Lavender Oil is Your Best Scent If . . .

You are protective of others, yet kind. Yours is is a strong personality that is also humble and authentic.

Lavender personalities are very giving and generous and take caring for others almost to self-sacrifice. You are very helpful to those around you and care more about taking care of others than you do about money or material things.

You have a lot of energy and feel very connected to Mother Earth. Always willing to help, you can often be found fighting for justice for local causes. You can turn your hand to anything but working with disadvantaged people gives you the most feeling of fulfillment. Self-development is another passion of yours. Being the best you can be, lets you help those around you even more.

Don’t let yourself get out of balance because you can become over-worked, always ‘switched on’ and unable to rest. Remember the saying; “You can’t draw water out of an empty well.”

Where essential oils can make a difference!

Essential oils in general and lavender aromatherapy is considered alternative medicine and is beneficial for anxiety disorders but is also considered to be good for wound healing. Note: we are not in any way dispensing professional medical advice.

Lavender can help you with stress, worry, restlessness, and burn-out. It will help to restore harmony and relaxation. It can help you replenish your well!

Aromatherapy Tip: Lavender works with all skin types; both dry and oily.

Some of our Lavender Essential Oil Products:

The Plant Lavender Behind the Oil


Lavender essential oil or “Lavandula Angustifolia essential oil” comes from the lavender plant of the same name. The oil is produced by distilling lavender plants and lavender flowers to produce the essential oil with that fabulous lavender scent that so many of us love.

Selling our soaps and skincare products at shows I watch how many people simply want to stand there inhaling essential oils that we use to create our products. Lavender soap and its scent is one of the most popular.

There are many ways of applying lavender essential oil and to benefit from lavender essence.

So Is Lavender Best For You?

If you feel like your personality description is similar to what I described above. Balanced, helpful, and caring. If you would like some help to soothe anxiety as well as improve your sleep quality then yes, I would definitely try some lavender aromatherapy.

There are a number of ways to incorporate lavender into your life:

  • Aromatherapy massage with lavender oil.
  • Moisturizing with lavender oil. If you are applying lavender oil that is your own creation you need to make sure and have it diluted with fixed oil such as jojoba oil or coconut oil.
  • Lavender herbal tea
  • Growing lavender and then you have the benefit of lavender scent inhalation at your leisure
  • A few drops of lavender oil in your bath
  • There are even ways of ingesting lavender oil such as lavender capusules. Please note that anytime you are considering ingesting any type of essential oil proceed with extreme caution!
  • Another popular method is inhaled lavender through a diffuser.

Still not sure if Lavender is really best for you? Click here to take our quiz and see what comes up!

Other Options in Essential Oils

If lavender fragrance is just not in your wheelhouse, yet you are really on the hunt for alternative therapies that will help relieve anxiety, skin irritation and maybe even help lower your blood pressure check out these:

  • Chamomile
  • Rose
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Geranium

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