6 Simple Self-Care Tips for Business Owners with Overwhelm

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I know you are busy. I am busy! Don’t skip over self-care just because you are a busy business owner. These self-care tips for entrepreneurs are here for me as much as for you! We can all use more self-care tips and do a better job putting them into practice!!

Weave it into your daily schedule for the right work-life balance for your personal well-being. Neglecting self-care is a quick trip to burnout. Trust me. I know!!

Adding self-care to all areas of your life, including your work, is the best self-care lifestyle for the long run. I think many successful business leaders will agree with me on this point!

Here are six self-care strategies to follow for busy entrepreneurs and small business owners:

1. Outsource Where Needed Most

This may very well be the most important of these self-care tips.

No CEO ever does everything themselves. Instead, a CEO spends their time on planning and organizing, not doing the tasks. So if you really want to be a successful entrepreneur, figure out what you can outsource and start sooner rather than later. 

Two primary ways to outsource are to delegate and to automate. We mention a bit more about automating further on, but you might consider delegating as well. Perhaps even to a family member.

I have brought both my son and my husband into my own business. My husband helps me out at live shows as well as making up soap samples for me. My son helps by lining soap molds, pouring soap as well as a sounding board for various business decisions I am considering.

I have outsourced housecleaning and to some extent meal preparation, in that, we eat out some and I purchase frozen meals that I mix in with meals prepared from scratch.

2: Stick to Specific Work Hours for Better Mental Health

Just because you own you’re a small business doesn’t mean you need to work all day long, every day. You must separate your work and personal life.

You don’t have to work the normal Monday through Friday schedule or even work 8 hours a day to be successful, but it is best if you choose a plan that allows you to get the work done while putting your personal life and home life at the forefront, so nothing is neglected.

3: Use Automation and Tools


Don’t try to waste a lot of time for no reason when it comes to running your business. There are skilled professional tools available that help you get more done in less time through automation.

For example, email automation, form automation, bill pay automation, and so much more can help you get more done in less time with less stress.

I currently have some email automation and am working towards more automation of my social media and marketing efforts.

Eliminate things that are not moving your business forward. Things to consider are counterproductive meetings, courses you signed up for that are giving you the benefits you thought they would, or other items causing you to burn that midnight oil instead of letting you get enough sleep.

Eliminating nonproductive things can often be a win-win by saving you money as well as time. Killing two birds with one stone is always a good thing.

Never automate something that can be eliminated, and never delegate something that can be automated or streamlined.

Tim Ferriss from the 4 Day Work Week

4: It’s Your Own Business so Schedule in Breaks

When you create your calendar, don’t just make a to-do list without really thinking about how long it takes you to get done what you said you needed to do.

For example, if you want to work out at the gym and write two thousand words for your novel, what plan will ensure this can realistically happen? How long is the drive to the gym? How long does it take you to set up your writing area? When will you take a break, and how will it all fit into your day?

If you don’t schedule things realistically, including breaks, it won’t happen. You need to schedule in time for things like exercise and even gasp, a social life, and self-reflection.

Schedule in that outdoor walk, breathe deeply, and soak up some vitamin D! You’ll feel better and I bet you’ll hit more of your business goals too!!

5. Change up Your Work Environment

If you feel less than energized and lack motivation, you might want to change up your work environment a bit. First, however, ensure it is designed for productivity.

While the coffee shop may sound like a fun time, it’ll likely slow you down, so allow for extra time for completing tasks when you work in environments that may distract you.

Instead, try simply making your existing office space less cluttered. For tips on achieving that you might want to check out my blog post: Why Decluttering Benefits Self-Care and Tips to Make it Happen!

I know for myself if the area around me is more inviting, less cluttered, and just generally more organized and inviting then my mental state is better, I can focus better, and get more work done.

6. Self-Care for Business Owners is Essential

Using your business as an excuse to avoid self-care will only harm your success as a business owner. Self-care plays a role in your business whether you see it or not.

A negative attitude, for example, can have a negative spiral effect on your work and results. If you are neglecting yourself, you are neglecting your business. In other words, the more you take care of yourself, the more you are taking care of your business.

7. The Importance of Managing Your Resources

Taking time for other things such as friends and family as well as regular exercise will help both body and soul. Don’t forget that your time and your body are two of your most important resources and they are ones that are impossible to replace.

As makers of natural soaps and skincare, we offer a wide range of products that benefit both your body and your spirit. Shown below are three of our top selling products.

Or browse our full line of soaps here and our full line of skin care products here.

Just because you’re an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you need to work 90 or more hours a week. Instead, you can design your day and your life to work as much or as little as you want to or need to in order to maintain your physical health and desired productivity level. If you want to just look at the business benefit; self-care is shown to boost productivity.

All of the above means you shouldn’t just be about hard work all the time. If you are like the vast majority of entrepreneurs one of the primary reasons you started your business or even businesses was with the goal of creating a better life for yourself.

Take some time this week to create a plan for yourself that allows for some free time which incorporates some of the self-care tips suggested here. Then let me know in the comments how it works out for you!

Self-Care Tips FAQs

How important is self-care for business owners?

The short answer is, very important! If you are tired, stressed, or not in good health you are not going to be able to focus on your business. You need to have clarity and stamina to run a business so that makes self-care a necessity, not an option.

How do entrepreneurs self-care?

Having good eating habits.
Staying hydrated.
Doing exercise daily.
Not allowing sleep deprivation.
Manage time.
Be assertive by saying No.
Reduce their stress.
Having enough free time.
Develop mindfulness and meditation.

Why is self-care so important?

Taking care of yourself has been clinically proven to help prevent disease, reduce or eliminate stress and depression, improve concentration, minimize frustration and anger, increase happiness, improve sleep, boost energy, and more.

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2 thoughts on “6 Simple Self-Care Tips for Business Owners with Overwhelm”

  1. Michael Fallquist

    One of the biggest reasons why one may feel a sense of overwhelming in the business world is because they are unable to delegate responsibilities. Thus, they’re more likely to take on more than they can handle. It’s important to consider delegation of responsibilities moving forward.

    1. Susan Svec

      Sorry I missed this when you posted, but I totally agree. (It’s probably reflective of me needing to delegate more, which I am trying to do.) Thanks for commenting!!

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