National Carrot Cake Day

National Carrot Cake DayPin
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National Carrot Cake Day deserves to be celebrated.

You are probably not going to have fabulous skin by eating a diet filled with junk food, fats and sugars. Eating healthy is always the best choice not just for your skin, but for your whole body. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and when you are feeding yourself right, then your skin feels better and looks better. What you put in your mouth really does show up on your skin.

So how do we celebrate National Carrot Cake Day without suffering incredible guilt pangs at not eating right? Read on!

To go over the basics again:

  • Get plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • Eat reasonable amounts of protein and minimize fats and refined sugars.
  • Get enough fiber and vitamins by including lots of different vegetables.
  • Drink plenty of water.

It’s pretty much as simple as 1 + 1 = 2. Doing the right things tends to give you the right results. But sometimes doing the right thing is B-O-R-I-N-G. Sometimes doing the right thing just isn’t going to happen right then. So if you are going to break the rules and dive into cake then Carrot Cake is a great way to do it.

And National Carrot Cake Day is a great day to do it on!

Why Carrot Cake?

Because carrots absolutely awesome for you and your skin.

  • Carrots have lots and lots of vitamins. A and C are two of the most imporatant.
  • They have antioxidants which help minimize the aging of skin.
  • They may even boost immunity and help prevent cancer.

Granted these carrots have been shredded and probably baked with sugar and fats. But a cake with carrots is still better for you than a cake without. My point is sometimes you are going to indulge and carrot cake would be a pretty good choice to make.

Susan’s Soaps Products with Carrot Seed Essential Oil

Enjoy your day but if you want to harness some of that carrot super power for your skin on a regular basis we fully support that endeavor with a couple of our products with Carrot Seed Essential Oil.

Carrot Seed Complexion BarPin

Our Carrot Seed Complexion Bar is chock full of good things for your skin including Carrot Seed Essential Oil. It also has goats milk, shea butter, honey as well as essential oils of frankincense and rosewood.

We also put Carrot Seed Essential Oil in our Anti Aging Face Serum. In fact it has the same essential oil blend as our Carrot Seed Complexion Bar.

So splurge and indulge every once in a while and still stay on track for fabulous skin with these great all natural skin care products that contain carrot seed essential oil!

Now go grab your fork!!!

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