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Susan’s Soaps is offering new and cheaper shipping options! Read more to find out the details. Shipping is huge. There is just no getting around it. I know as a consumer shipping costs are near the top of my buying decision list and I am sure it is the same for most other people. As a small business that sells physical products shipping costs are also near the top of our overall operating costs. A few months ago I rededicated myself to making my business the best it could be. I talked about some of the steps I have taken in my blog posts – Susan’s Soaps & More Website Has a New Look and A Little Housekeeping at Susan’s Soaps & More (Updated).

New Shipping Option Overview

My latest step is to see what I can do to make cheaper shipping for you and for us. I may have the cart before the horse but I wanted to implement something sooner than later. To that end, we are going ahead with some changes for you, our customers right away. The minimum order amount to receive Free Shipping is now just $60! This is the lowest we have ever offered this as a regular shipping option. I have also for the 1st time implemented a Flat Rate shipping option of $7.75. There may be times if we are shipping close to our location for lightweight packages that your shipping costs may be less than the $7.75 so I am still keeping the USPS rate as well. UPS rates still show which are primarily there for our wholesale customers.

Cheaper Shipping Option Details

The new Flat Rate option should benefit those of you who are interested in placing a small order but live quite a distance away. A small flat rate box on the USPS website is now $7.90 so our flat-rate price is even lower than that. This should definitely be of interest if you live in a state other than Texas or even if you just live down at the southern end of our state.

The lower minimum for Free Shipping should help those of you teetering on the edge of that $45 – $50 order to go up just a bit and get your order shipped for Free! Browse our product page and use these new cheaper shipping options to save on your next order. Both the Free Shipping option and the Flat Rate option will continue to be shipped Priority Mail. [Note: There may be a few times that a particularly large order might be shipped via UPS. UPS shipments within Texas are normally a 1-day delivery.]

Why we ship USPS

I receive questions periodically about why we ship Priority Mail instead of standard mail. The primary reason is heat. We are located in Texas and our products are all-natural and made with essential oils. Heat is detrimental to essential oils in general and to our products in particular. With temperatures near or over 100 degrees for multiple months of the year reducing transit time is critical. Priority Mail also gives us tracking numbers and offers free insurance up to $50. We want you to receive your order is as good a condition as it left our shop and Priority Mail has been the best way for us to achieve that goal. Just so you know — we do have a page on our website that discusses our shipping policies as well.

A little behind the scenes info

Please do note that we are testing the waters with these new shipping options. If they seem well received by you and our costs are sustainable then great. However, if it looks like this is not the best move for either you, our customer or for us as a business then I will take a look at other options to try. Bottom line is that I am going to continue to research ways for us to manage both our shipping costs and options so as to provide you with the best shopping experience possible with us. I am currently investigating signing up with a shipping management service to try to both reduce costs and expedite the process. If you have a suggestion or personal recommendation you would like to make based on personal experience please post a comment below. Thanks!

We appreciate you choosing Susan’s Soaps & More and we want to make it as easy and rewarding as possible to shop with us.



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