De-stress with bird watching!

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Destress is something we all need to do more.

We all experience stress.  Stress tends to happen more at certain points of our life or day than others.  You’re just going along living your life and then you notice your muscles getting knots, that pesky headache coming on or hear yourself snapping at those around you.  Definitely time to de-stress! 

I took this video quite a few years ago but I still enjoy watching the birds and particularly over this last year I think everyone can use more options for destressing. You may be wondering how the heck bird watching relates to skin care. They are all part of enhancing your life.  Natural soap and personal care products enhance your well being as does stress reduction.

We all need to relax more!

Skin is your body’s largest organ and taking care of yourself body holistically is going to help your skin feel better and look better. That translates into you feeling and looking better. We specifically create our products to help you feel better as well as look better. Stress plays havoc with both of those.

Adding in a regular way of relaxing or destressing into your daily routine will do wonders for your body, your mood, your confidence and self image and of course your skin. This little video of birdwatching is just one little thing you can do for your self every so often. Some other small things to try could include even just 10 minutes of any of the following:

  • Self Massage
  • Meditation
  • Lay on the floor, bottom up against the wall and put your legs up against the wall. (Try it!)
  • Sipping a cup of hot tea

And one last suggestion is our new Quintessential Body Oils. These are created from high end essential oils in single notes: Carnation, Jasmine, Rose and Yuzu. If I am ending my day on a stressful note I will dab a bit on my temples. If I am having trouble getting to sleep I will use a bit more over my neck and shoulders. They always seem to help!

I hope this helps. I believe in you that you can take steps in your life to destress and feel better. Watch the birds enjoying their bath and go from there. I am rooting for you!!

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  1. Susan Svec

    I just realized that there is a word left out on the title page at the beginning of the video. Oh well, I am not going to stress over it. Just do a better job next time!

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