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Vacay season is here and we are going on our first vacation of the year.  There are always a lot of decisions to make regarding a vacation: when to go, where to go, what to do when you are there and of course what to take.  In the what to take category are of course clothes, entertainment items, documents such as tickets, itinerary, and those not to be forgotten personal care items.

If you are like me and have either sensitive skin and/or just strong preferences for what you put on your skin then you will most likely better enjoy your vacation if you bring your personal care essentials along with you.  I have a shot above of what I consider my required items for our trip this Sunday.

To give you a little more detail on what and why:

  • Rosemary Mint Shampoo and Body Bar – so I will have an all natural shampoo with me and as a bonus it also can be used as body soap.  This bar is great for all kinds of hair, it is solid so it doesn’t leak and I love the fresh, slightly minty scent.
  • Carrot Seed Complexion Bar – I will just use this for my face so I only need a half bar.  (I don’t really recommend using any of our bars with mint or spice essential oils on your face.  They can be a bit too strong.)
  • Anti-aging Face Serum – This is one of those items that I literally can NOT do without.  I use it twice day without fail and my face just doesn’t feel “right” without it.
  • Lavender Sage Body Oil – We are going to Scottsdale and the Grand Canyon so I most definitely need a moisturizer.  I have dry skin anyways and I am sure being in the desert will make it even more so.  I don’t want to take our Body Butter as Scottsdale is starting to get warm and I don’t want to worry about it melting.  Our Lotion Bars are great for smaller areas but I want something to slather all over so body oil it is and Lavender Sage is my scent of choice.
  • Spearmint Lip Balm – Same song on the moisturizing for my lips.  I love the oval shape of our large lip balms and again my choice of scent is the spearmint.
  • Bugs Away – Hopefully I won’t need this when at the Grand Canyon, but I figure better safe than sorry.

These are my Susan’s Soaps travel essentials.  I usually check a bag so I can go ahead and just pack these items, except for the lip balm of course which will be in my purse, along with probably a lotion bar.  But if you want to carry on you could still take both of the bars of soap and the Face Serum in a zip lock bag.

As I mentioned above we are heading out Sunday morning for Scottsdale for 4 nights, then up to the Grand Canyon for 2 nights, Sedona on the way back for 1 night and then home on the 12th.  Fortunately, we have our son here to take care of the house and the cats, but no orders will be shipping out until I get back in the office on Monday, May 13th.  More than one person has cautioned my against selfies at the Grand Canyon, but I hope to at least send out a few pics while we are there.

So until the next post!


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