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Susan’s Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials for Skin Care

Travel Essentials for Skin CarePin
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Travel essentials for your skin will keep you feeling great and enjoying your trip to the fullest.

I know with COVID travel planning has undergone a major change.

You are probably not planning on traveling as far, maybe just a drive a few hours away to camp or perhaps to a resort. Or maybe you are just planning your next date night. This list is all about skin care needs to keep you feeling and looking your best while away from home and yet not weighed down with an impossible list of products. Better yet, these products are all natural! Some of these like these you would only take with you for overnight trips. Others like the Lip Balm and Hand Sanitizer are staples to keep with you all the time.

Pictured here are the products that I consider essential items to take when I travel.

Susan’s Personal Travel Essentials List

Essential Cleansing

Rosemary Mint Shampoo and Body Bar – gives me an all natural shampoo and as a bonus it also can be used as body soap.  This bar is great for all kinds of hair, it is solid so it doesn’t leak and I love the fresh, slightly minty scent.

Carrot Seed Complexion Bar – I use this for my face so I only need a half bar.  Update: we no longer sell half bars, so just buy a full bar and cut it in half. It is cheaper that way too! (I don’t really recommend using any of our bars with mint or spice essential oils on your face.  They can be a bit too strong.)

Essential Moisturizing

Anti-aging Face Serum – This is one of those items that I literally can NOT do without.  I use it twice day without fail and my face just doesn’t feel “right” without it. A little bit goes a long way. Just tip the bottle, dab a couple of drops onto your finger and smooth on your face. Do that about 5 or 6 times and you are good to go.

Lavender Sage Body Oil – My moisturizer of choice in warm weather is my Body Oil and my favorite scents are either the Lavender Sage or the Frankincense & Myrrh. In cold weather I still use Body Oil after my shower but switch out for Body Butter for my legs and a Lotion Bar for my hands and cuticles.

Spearmint Lip Balm – I use my lip balm year round to keep my lips from getting chapped. Winter or summer; it is a necessity. I love the oval shape of our large lip balms and my choice of scent is the spearmint.

Miscellaneous Travel Essentials

Bugs Away – If you are traveling during warm weather and staying outside then this is probably a must take item.

Hand Sanitizer – This is a must with COVID and today’s “new normal”! Ours is made with the right kind of alcohol and peppermint essential oil for a fresh, clean scent and feel.

Body Scrub – If you have the space a great treat to take along is a Body Scrub. We make both Salt Glows and Sugar Scrubs and they both feel wonderful and will leave you feeling like you have been to a spa without the hefty price tag. (I would play it safe and pack them in a zip lock bag just in case they leak a bit.)

Pack Your Bag or Gift Another’s

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That’s it, my Susan’s Soaps travel essentials.  Back when I flew I usually checked a bag so I would go ahead and just pack these items, except for the lip balm of course which is always in my purse, along with probably a lotion bar.  But if you want to carry your bag on the plane you could still take both of the bars of soap and the Face Serum in a zip lock bag. I hope this helps you to make sure and include what you need to keep your skin feeling its best on the next trip you take whether long or short!

Perhaps you don’t have any trips planned soon but you have a friend or relative who is going to be jaunting off somewhere either near or far. Use these suggestions as a gift guide for you to stock them up with all natural skin care travel products so they can travel in comfort as well!

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