Life as a soapmaker (lately).

Whew! It’s been busy, which is of course is a good thing, but I am having trouble keeping all of my plates spinning.

I have had some people wonder what my week is like. Although this was a little busier than typical in that I did two sessions of soapmaking and we had an extremely large number of orders to work on – it was still pretty reflective of how things go. When we are not as active on actually making soap or filling orders there is still the tying of soap and labeling of product. I always have more bookkeeping to do and more emails to answer. I have ups and downs, successes and problems like everyone. I enjoy what I do even though at times it can be very frustrating. Welcome to “Life as a soapmaker (lately)”.

Texas State Fair – Setting Up

Yesterday I set up our space at the Texas State Fair which opens this Friday, September 25. We are a member of the TDA’s Go Texan program and through them are able to have our products sold in the Mercantile Store which is located in the Food & Fiber building of the Texas State Fair. I find it rather fascinating how this big empty building is transformed into a space teeming with events and activities and products for the duration of the fair.

Dallas WTC September Gift Market

Plus this market we will have our new All Natural Liquid Soap to present as well as our Fir & Cedar Soap. We wanted to let everyone know about them as well as present our wedding favor items better so they wouldn’t be overlooked in the booth. Our wedding favor items had just been somewhat jumbled in among everything else and now they have their own shelf all their own.

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