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Gift Guide for Men’s Skin Care Products

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Are you wondering what to get the favorite man in your life? This gift guide is here to help!

If you are looking for a unique gift for your man, then it may be time to consider men’s grooming products. Men often don’t spend a lot of time and money on their appearance. But, they still like to look good. (Who doesn’t?)

Many men are more and more concerned with using products that are all natural. So, give them products to help them achieve that goal. Natural products that are easy to use and make them look and feel great!

We know how difficult it can be to find the perfect gift for a man. You want to get them something that they’ll love and will use for a long time, but you also don’t want your gift to seem too feminine. If this sounds familar, then this gift guide is for you!

Skin care for men has become increasingly popular over the last few years. We’ve compiled a list of men’s skin care products that are sure to please any man on your list. What’s more everything is all natural and handcrafted by us. If you are afraid your guy isn’t ready to jump on the natural skin care train, we are confident that a few well chosen products from this list will have him ready to say, “All aboard!”

Solid Shampoo Bars

Men in particular love our solid shampoo bars. They are the ultimate travel essential! One bar can do it all head to toe. Simple, quick, done!! Plus they are great for travel since you don’t have to worry about leaking and since they are solid he can carry them on a plane. Available in 3 different guy friendly scents.

Soap Bar Gift Guide

I know we have an even dozen bars shown here, but since we make over 20 this is still a curated gift guide for men’s soap scents. Because we use pure essential oils, really very few of our scents won’t work for men. The ones featured here are the ones that lean the most towards guys. Top sellers on this short list are the Walk in the Woods, Patchouli and Eucalyptus & Tea Tree. Start with these three and check out the individual product descriptions to find the ones your guy will like the best.

Face Care

Is the man on your list sporting a beard? We’ve got you covered with an awesome Beard Oil, available in two different scent blends. This Beard Oil was requested and approved by men!

Lip balm is a need many men have, particularly in the winter and especially if their job takes them outside a lot. Again, if they are outside a lot then our Anti Aging Face Serum will keep their skin from getting dry and chapped. Just a few drops will do it.

Skin Care

This gift guide for men does have skin care products have skin care products in the title. So even though shampoo bars, soap and beard oil may be top on your list, guys get dry itchy skin too. In addition hand sanitizer is pretty much the order of the day now.

Does your guy balk because it leaves his hands sticky? Our Peppermint Hand Sanitizer is primarily alcohol with the fresh scent of mint. Or maybe the issue is dry skin? Choose from anyone of our incredible smelling body oils or even go with unscented if that’s what floats his boat. He does have a boat, right? Or is dreaming about having a boat?

We put our sugar scrubs here on the list because well, they feel simply incredible!! If this is something you think he’d enjoy, but don’t think he’ll do it on his own. Suggest a couple’s scrub session. We’re pretty sure he’ll be all over that one!

Man’s Best Friend

We’re not sure if he’s got a dog or not. But if he does, don’t forget something for his faithful companion. They’ll both appreciate it. (Just in case, he’s a cat lover, be aware that essential oils and cats don’t mix well. So keep these just for your canine companions.)

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