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Five Reasons Drinking Water is Remarkable for Improving Overall Health

Drinking water is absolutely remarkable for improving overall health. The water in your body literally is what keeps it processing in the way it should. I really don’t think most of us realize all of the functions water provides in our bodies.

It may seem mysterious how your body works, but doctors and scientists have studied the role of fluid intake in human and animal health since time began. While it may be hard to comprehend what your body is doing inside all day and night, know that adequate hydration plays a crucial role in your overall health due to how the body works.

1st Reason why Water Intake is Important

Keep water handy. Drink it!

Water intake is important because water is a universal solvent. The nutrients and other substances you ingest need to be dissolved so that you can absorb the molecules into your body and use them in the blood to make everything work right. Without the solvent action of water in your bloodstream, you would not be able to transport all the different nutrients you need to be healthy throughout the body where it’s needed.

2nd Reason why Water Intake is Important

The water content in your bloodstream drives the specific chemical reactions needed in your body to maintain good health. For example, the water in your body can store heat, conduct electrical signals, and help break or form bonds as needed on the molecular level. If you think of your body as a machine, it’s easier to understand why water is so important so that it can do all the processes it needs to do to maintain your health.

Drinking water has scientific evidence that it helps with overall disease control as well as minimizing the chance of kidney stones and kidney disease, urinary tract infections, and controlling blood pressure.

3rd Reason – The Importance of Fluid Intake

The fluid surrounding your brain and spinal cord, the amniotic fluid surrounding a fetus, the fluid that lubricates the lungs making breathing comfortable, the digestive secretions needed for food to pass through your gastrointestinal tract, and your spinal fluid that allows your joints to move without pain are all affected by your hydration levels.

Or in simpler terms the amount of water in your body. All of these fluids have water as their base and therefore require adequate water intake in order to simply be present. Much less to function with their full health benefits to you.

If you suffer from joint or back pain, consider addressing chronic dehydration as a solution.

4th Reason – Water is a Temperature Regulator

It’s amazing how short the temperature range is that supports your life. If your body is hotter than 98.6 degrees F, with few exceptions, it indicates illness or infection (or mild dehydration).

If your internal temperature is left unchecked to reach more than 111.2 degrees F it is life-threatening to the point of being deadly. Temperatures colder than 82.4 degrees F is when hypothermia will set in and cause your muscles and other bodily functions to fail.

Water is what causes the homeostasis that keeps your body temperature at the right level. You want to avoid even mild dehydration.

5th Reason – Water Helps Maintain Proper Body Weight

Water Benefits Physical Activity

Water has been shown to help with weight loss in a number of ways. Just a few are:

  • Suppressing your appetite, thereby helping you to consume fewer calories.
  • Helping your liver and kidneys process toxins in your bloodstream and eliminating waste through perpiration, urination and bowel movements. Without enough fluid intake you may stop sweating and urinating which can lead to serious health problems up to and including death.
  • Drinking plenty of water helps you stay physically active. Staying adequately hydrated keeps your body working well as you ramp up. It also helps minimize fatigue, joint pain and muscle cramps.

How Much Water Do You Really Need?

There is no set amount of optimal water consumption as the amount needed varies with age, activity level, whether you are in cool climates or warm climates, etc.

Most health authorities and national academies suggest ranges for daily water intake. The following water intake recommendations are from the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) in the United States for the average person:

  • 2,700 mL/day for adult women
  • 3,700 mL/day for adult men

However, a study in 2013 showed that the majority of adults especially older adults are not drinking nearly enough water to meet these guidelines. So drink water! Drink more! And probably drink even more!

Tips to Increase Your Water Intake

Drinking Water is Remarkable for Improving Overall Health
Drink enough water and eat more water-rich foods.

One easy way to get more water is to simply keep a water bottle by you at all times. Remember, that means plain water. Soft drinks, caffeinated beverages, and even sparkling water don’t count. If plain water is hard for you to tolerate then try adding a slice of lemon, lime, or even orange to it.

Getting more body fluids doesn’t have to be just drinking more water. Try to eat more water-rich foods like berries, melons, tomatoes, celery, and cucumbers. Try to eat healthier also with more soups, curries, and stews as well.

We have talked a lot about increasing your water intake as a means to stay hydrated. We haven’t addressed the fact that the body loses water. Your skin is the main barrier that your body has of preventing fluid loss and staying hydrated. But your skin can become dehydrated due to a number of factors such as cold weather, harsh soaps, or long hot showers. You may just have a greater risk of dry skin or perhaps have an actual medical condition that causes it.

Using a natural moisturizer helps protect the skin and keep water sealed inside your skin cells and thus inside your body. We make several moisturizers including Body Oils, Lotion Bars, and Lip Balms. Applying these regularly can definitely help to keep your body hydrated.

Wrapping Up the Reasons to Drink Water

As we have detailed above there are many benefits of drinking water ranging from improving your body weight or body mass index all the way through to maintaining brain function and preventing chronic disease or even death.

Diet, physical activity, and sleeping 7 to 9 hours a night are all important. But, if you want to optimize your health and wellness, drinking enough water, and maintaining proper hydration will provide exponential benefits, some of which we may not even realize yet.

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